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ELA/ Maths and Science labs

ELA labs:

All children will take part in learning the three key areas of English: Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing. English and Literacy is a compulsory element of MBIIS. It is also an integral part of the whole school curriculum, used continuously in all lessons.

Maths Lab:

The focus of Mathematics at MBIIS has a high emphasis on ‘life skill’ orientated tasks, including money skills and giving and following directions. Pupils are given opportunities to develop problem-solving skills and use a range of practical measuring equipment, Jodo gyan and Abacus

Science labs:

The purpose of science education at MBIIS is to enable pupils to develop an understanding, and take an interest, in themselves and the world around them. A broad knowledge and understanding of the natural and physical sciences will support their independence in society and their lifelong learning.

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