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Library & Resources Center

At Manava Bharati, Patna the aim is to create a positive atmosphere, in which each individual is cared for and challenged by high expectations to reach their full potential. This would need facilities and resources. We are committed to bring global standards to Patna, be it in the matter of infrastructure or providing other learning resources. We have to keep pace with the vision of our founder and the roadmap he built with the likes of Dr Rajendra Prasad and Dr S Radhakrishnan.
Our idea of library is encapsulated in the vision of Joy Cowley, one of the best known writers of children literature for the 20th and 21st century. She says a library should be, "A sanctuary, a mine of treasure, a house of maps to secret lives in secret worlds." To Cowley, "the library became her other home." We seek to have such resource centres on the campus where the children would find their other home.