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Where Learning Is Bonding

A school should be the place where the child should go to seek happiness, which emanates from knowledge. The challenge before schools today is to disseminate education in the manner that it makes a child happy and not stressed at the idea of going to the school.

School to us at Manava Bharati is not a mere information processing centre. It's a loom where the fabric of life is woven through the weft and waft of trust, love, joy, listening and caring. At Manava Bharati, we try to imbibe the ancient Indian tradition of Guru and Chela, where both are learners, weaving together a world of sharing, discovering and edifying new hopes and new vistas.

Manava Bharati recognizes each child as a unique individual with her own special set of strengths and talents, as one who partakes in learning activities because she wants to learn and because she is capable of living life with joy. When learning has such foundations, it creates a culture that encourages enduring relationships; relationships for human good and not avarice.

The school philosophy is reflected in the various ways and the details with which the school has been planned ranging from the vision of education to curriculum development, teacher support and classroom processes.

Manava Bharati International School is unique in its pursuit for the academic success which is built upon a solid foundation. It is our aim to inspire students and raise their aspirations to achieve highly in all that they do by giving them positive and creative learning environment.

  • Near AIIMS, NH-98 , Nawada More, Gosai Math,P.O. Mubarakpur ,Patna-801505