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The Classroom

Aristotle said, "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." The essence of teaching at Manava Bharati is founded on the principles and practices of firsthand learning. Teachers in the classroom lead the learning process rather than push the child in the situation of mere grappling with process of acquiring knowledge.

Teaching Strategies

We believe every child has the right to a rich and varied curriculum that challenges, inspires and promotes very high standards of achievement for all. Children are always watching their teachers and parents so we teach these attributes through example. Skills development is a major focus in the early years and primary level. Strong language skills & Numeric skills are the foundation of literacy development.

In Pre-Primary, we follow a thematic approach. Through themes such as seasons, animals, gardens and festivals, children learn various subjects like plant science, animal science, mathematics and languages. Field visits, audio visual aids and theme based activities give children real experiences and make learning interesting. Sports, music, dance, art and craft are also given a lot of importance to help the child's physical, social, emotional development and creativity. In classes 1 and 2, along with themes, subject based learning is given adequate space.

The school maintains that outstanding teaching is characterized by a variety of teaching and learning styles. As such, teaching is based on a range of strategies including whole class, small group, paired and individual approaches. The weightage of these approaches varies according to the composition of particular teaching group, in order to best meet pupils' individual needs. However, great emphasis is placed on working with individual children, at their own level.

Manava Bharati International School is unique in its pursuit for the academic success which is built upon a solid foundation. It is our aim to inspire students and raise their aspirations to achieve highly in all that they do by giving them positive and creative learning environment.

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