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Learning Out Side The Classroom

LEARNING OUTSIDE OF the classroom is recognised by us as an essential way of bringing teaching and learning alive across all areas of the curriculum. Our own experience and wider research tells us that learning in real and inspiring environments increases levels of achievement in academic, personal and social abilities. Bringing learning alive in a wide variety of settings increases students’ motivation and their ability to transfer learning from school to the wider world.

Behaviourial skills

OUR CURRICULUM would prepare children for life in a fast changing society. We place emphasis on the development of six learning behaviours and teach our pupils to be:

  • Independent Learners
  • Self-Managers
  • Effective Participants
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Reflective Learners
  • Team Workers

Life Management Skills

THE AIM IS to help students to develop in areas that will allow them greater independence at home and in their lives.

  • Eating Habits and Household Skills
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Personal Safety
  • Citizenship
  • Out and About
  • Appearance and Presentation


WE WISH OUR school to be a happy, caring and well-ordered community and so a high standard of behaviour is expected. We aim to maintain this standard by being consistent in our expectations, setting a good example to the children, encouraging them to develop an awareness of others and teaching them to exercise self-control, discipline and respect.

Home-School Communication

WE BELIEVE communication between school and parents is extremely important. To aid this we have a school website which is updated weekly:

We believe that good relationships and close liaison between home and school will help the pupils to succeed. Parents and caretakers are encouraged to communicate with the school regularly to check or comment on their child's progress, particularly if they have any concerns. A Home-School diary is used to aid communication.

Manava Bharati International School is unique in its pursuit for the academic success which is built upon a solid foundation. It is our aim to inspire students and raise their aspirations to achieve highly in all that they do by giving them positive and creative learning environment.

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