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The transformation of human mind and thought is much more essential in tumultuous times when upheavals are affecting not only the physical state but also the mental and emotional well-being of people at large. In such trying times, dire need to provide security, stability and hope for future leads to the birth of intellectuals, who awaken and energize the humanity.
One such time period was the first half of the twentieth century where brightest Indian minds converged to free India from the tyranny of British Colonialism. Freedom from the British rule was only the first step towards complete freedom. Freeing the mind from the slavery of a more than millennium was the next. These intellectuals realized that subjugation of the mind will eventually lead to a loss of identity and the future generations would be nothing but clones of the West. In order to reignite the awareness and cultivate the uniqueness of rich cultural heritage of India, Dr D P Pandey came up with a vision of establishing institutions all across India, with the sole purpose of providing education that liberates human mind.
We look forward to associating with you in our journey towards "Bhartiyata", the Indian way of thinking and action that has kept our great culture alive for more than 5000 years.

Facilities & Resources

At Manava Bharati International School, Patna the aim is to create a positive atmosphere, in which each individual is cared for and challenged by high expectations to reach their full potential. This would need facilities and resources. We are committed to bring global standards to Patna, be it in the matter of infrastructure or providing other learning resources. We have to keep pace with the vision of our founder and the of Dr Rajendra Prasad and Dr S Radhakrishnan. Our idea of the library is encapsulated in the vision of Joy Cowley, one of the best-known writers of children literature for the 20th and 21st century.

She says a library should be, "A sanctuary, a mine of treasure, a house of maps to secret lives in secret worlds." To Cowley, "the library became her other home." We seek to have such resource centres on the campus where the children would find their other home.

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Co-curricular Activities Debates, Dramatics, Quiz, Elocution, Essay Writing and Painting.
    • 5.00
    The Teaching staff is really great, they care a lot about the well being of the students in every aspect.
    • 4.00
    My daughter was the student of this institution two years back as we've shifted to Mumbai now ; but she still remembers about the healthy study environment that she got in Manava Bharati.